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My Immediate Book Post

Oh, look!  It’s been almost a year.  In case anyone is waiting anxiously, I did meet my goal of reading 52 books last year.  I read 53, in fact.  It was awesome to sort of re-establish reading as a “go-to” habit of mine rather than mindless blog surfing.  Obviously I did not fare so well in my efforts to write more.  

My husband started a blog which I manage for him so that has kind of eaten up my free blogging time but I don’t actually mind too much.  Bridget posted her entry in the latest blogger book meme this morning, however, and it inspired me to post my own if only because this blog is a fun little personal time capsule.

1. What book are you reading now?

I’m part way through several books but the two I am most actively working on at the moment are Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman since, as it turns out, physics is actually pretty interesting and, for spiritual reading The Sanctifier by Luis M. Martinez which is really, really great.  It’s straight St. Thomas Aquinas on the Holy Spirit (and the gifts and fruits and related stuff).  It’s a completely new area for me, spiritually and I love it.  I have a follow-up waiting on my night stand already.  To the kids I am currently reading George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin.  It’s our second time through it–the first was about five years ago.  We are big MacDonald fans.

2.  What book did you just finish?

Alignment Matters by Katy Bowman.  I came out of this last pregnancy with a pretty much non-functioning core.  I won’t scare you with all the details but I’ve been diligently doing a rehab-type program to fix things and it’s going well.  In the process I’m learning so much about the human body, musculature, and how the way we modern humans approach alignment.  It’s all been really fun and has been enough of an intellectual project to keep cabin fever at bay (wish I could say the same for my kids!).  Since the start of the year I’ve also read through a few volumes of the Louise Ames Child Development Series, Michael O’Brien’s A Landscape With DragonsRedwall  and the first Harry Potter (to test O’Brien’s ideas) and Tom Howard’s Hallowed Be This House.  The last book I finished reading to the kids was Edward Eagar’s Half Magic.

3. What do you plan to read next?

I have plans that often change when I’ve actually finished one of my current books.  But, I’m considering Genius by James Gleick which is a biography of Richard Feynman.  I hope to read A Cricket in Times Square to the kids next because I never read it as a kid and I’ve always been curious.  

4.  What book do you keep meaning to finish?

Gotham by Mike Wallace.  This is a really, really well-done history of New York City to 1898.  I love it.  It is also 1200 large pages of small type.  And the book weighs about ten pounds.  I do not exaggerate.  This is not the book you grab when you want to read for a few minutes.  Actually for most of the last six months I would have needed to ask someone else to hand me this book lest I injure myself reaching for it myself.  So this is a logistical problem more than anything else.  It is a fabulous book but get it on Kindle.  

5. What book do you keep meaning to start?

My husband got me American Cicero: The Life of Charles Carroll by Bradley J. Birzer for Christmas.  I love biography.  I love the Founding.  It was such a thoughtful gift and I feel bad that I haven’t even started it yet.  I’ve also been meaning to re-start Man on a Donkey by H.F.M. Prescott because I also love the English Reformation/Recusancy.  My “to-read” shelf is piled high and the more I read, the more my interests branch out in ever-more-complex directions.  I thought that having a 52 Books goal would help me power through my reading shelf for a change but all it’s done is show me more and more stuff I’d like to read.  Not a bad problem to have.

6. What is your current reading trend?

Last year it was just “read instead of doing something less worthwhile.”  This year it’s still kind of that.  But I also want to focus less on the number of books I read and try to kick the quality up a notch.  I read some quality stuff last year, for sure.  But I also skipped over some things because I knew the length of difficulty would put my 52 Books goal in jeopardy.  So this year I’d rather not focus on the number and challenge myself a bit more.  The Feynman I’m reading right now is definitely in that category.



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