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Book 5: Pride and Prejudice

Yes, I did.  I read Pride and Prejudice.  Re-reads definitely count toward my 52 Books goal this year though I am trying to minimize them.  I had another book all read to go.  In fact, I’d already read the first chapter.  But it was sort of awful (more on that next post) and I heard Monday (almost two weeks ago!  I’m not behind on reading, but I am behind on posting about it!) that it was the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice.    That was all the encouragement I needed to pull out one of my favorite books.

But I couldn’t find it!  I hunted and hunted.  My daughter hunted and hunted.  We found every Jane Austen book but that one.  (Sad to say we have lived here just about two years and have yet to organize our books.  I get a little twitchy if I look at the shelves too long.)  My best guess for P&P is that it was stolen.  My husband was on a Jane Austen kick for a bit while back–right about the time his school bag was stolen.  I hope that after the thief pawned the laptop he read the book and got some culture.

I downloaded a free copy of Pride and Prejudice to read on the Kindle app on my iPod.  It was kind of miserable.  That night I was at Costco and happened upon a nice, inexpensive copy on the book table and snapped it up immediately.  I am a decided lover of real books.

I thought P&P would be a quick read but it actually took me most of the week to find time to finish it.  But I enjoyed it as much as ever.  I won’t recap the plot here.  If you don’t know the plot, you should go read the book!


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